Wednesday, October 24, 2012

God Votes.

Kat Kerr shares where Heaven stands on the upcoming 2012 Presidential election. (Note By Blogger: The following statement was made by Kat Kerr.) I have been spending time with the Father here in Prayer Mountain, as He released a message to the Body of Christ called - God Votes (See video). He woke me up one morning by declaring 'Choose Life'. We have not been sent by Heaven to base our choices on our 'favorite' or who impresses us, but whose platform helps release the purposes of God into the earth, and it hurts when you choose those who want to 'legalize sin'. God also stands with those who support Israel. Choose wisely, if you want God's Will done as it is in Heaven, then CHOOSE LIFE! The Body needs to come together and begin Manifesting for His Will! It is clear that I have one choice, vote for Romney/Ryan - they stand for Truth & Life. Please listen with your spirit as many times God will use the most unexpected things to achieve His plan. God told me He is doing that now and causing the Body to lay down their differences & opinions to come in agreement so His plans can be accomplished! Know that He will love you no matter how you vote, but this is a holy season where we need to allow God to have His will done on earth & shock the world that we can choose to come together as the Body of Christ! It will also drive the enemy CRAZY as his purpose has always been to divide us!! I love you all, Kat

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