Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sid Roth Its Supernatural with Gary Kah - Exposing the Anti-Christ

Gary Kah has spent a lifetime trying to understand and expose the Anti-Christ's economic, religious and political system that is now being secretly implemented! Gary has intelligence information that is so HOT that the secular press doesn't dare report it!

(NOTE BY BLOGGER: It will still take a while before the Anti-Christ arrives on the world stage and God must pour out HIS spirit on ALL flesh first in order to fulfill the prophecy of Joel 2:28). Basically it MIGHT take until 2060 or later for the Anti-Christ to appear on the world stage considering things like the coming Heaven Invasion revealed by Kat Kerr since that will most likely be occurring for a few decades at least once it starts, HOWEVER we ARE getting closer to the Tribulation Period mentioned in the Book Of Revelation.

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