Monday, February 13, 2012

Revealing Heaven Volume II by Kat Kerr (Part 17.)


Hall of the Super Hero's

God's Generals & Intercessors

This is another amazing place God created to honor those who stand in the gap for others. The sign, floating above the building, read -Hall of Super Heroes! One of the highest callings is that of an intercessor and when you visit this place you are able to actually view these mighty men and women of God as they prayed in the past.

You enter this place that glows with the Glory of God and pass down long corridors where you will see the faces of intercessors (who now live in Heaven) engraved right into the wall. As you stand gazing at them, light begins to form around the outside of the engraved face and suddenly, you are pulled back into the time of that particular prayer warrior.

As you stand there watching these mighty warriors crying out to God on behalf of others, you realize that the Throne of God was right there in front of them the moment they said, "Father"! When they began to pray, you would see a spiritual 'sword' begin to form from their words and the angel of the Lord standing and waiting for them to finish. As they finished, the angel would grab the weapon that their words had just created and go fight the enemy concerning what they had prayed. This was an immediate reaction and it happens anytime a Believer is fervently and effectually praying (James 5:16).

This revelation should definitely have an effect on everyone's prayer life. You Do make a difference with your focused prayers and according to the book of Daniel, angels do come for your words. They become weapons in the hand of your God and do harm against the enemy's plans; so keep praying and declaring God's Word over yourself, your family and others.

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