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Revealing Heaven Volume II by Kat Kerr (Part 15.)


The Place Of Angels

One of the most exciting places I was taken to is the Headquarters of the Host - Heaven's armies, which are under the command of Michael, one of the Archangels! His powerful face although beautiful, is one of a focused, fierce leader! If asked, Michael would tell you His most treasured moment was when he was allowed to 'boot' Lucifer out of Heaven.

The best way I can describe this 'place of power' in Heaven is that it looks like the largest, most amazing castle I had ever seen. It was hundreds of feet high, filled with the Glory of God and disappeared right into the sky; almost becoming a part of it. There are HUGE angels in Heaven, some the size of our planet. Clouds of mystical smoke surround this place of Heaven's armies.

Although one of the most important places there, not many people have toured it. Mostly, because of the intense activity and the fact that their headquarters are in a far country, even the ends of Heaven (as stated in Isaiah 13;3). Let me just say, no one would ever fear for their safety if they saw some of the warring angels and especially those they call the 'transforming angels' whose bodies appear to be made from some type of metal alloy. They literally transform into a 'ship' and streak across the universe to wherever the 'heat' of the battle is and they do not have to carry weapons; they 'are' the weapon which is powerfully used against Satan's armies!

They don't have two eyes in their head like humans, but have a wide band that surrounds their head filled with eyes, the enemy cannot evade them.

There is no way I could keep track of all the types of angels I have seen; but will share a few with you. Another group I have observed are the Courier and Scribe angels; both directed by Gabriel, another of the Archangels. These angels do not usually fight, but most do carry some type of weapon, especially if they are escorting any of the Believers to Heaven. One of the jobs of Scribe angels is to deliver messages to individuals on earth and/or collect (record) them too. The Courier angels are usually present in meetings collecting the prayers and worship of the people. They arrive on a stairway from Heaven, carrying these large purple vials and they 'scoop' up the prayers and praise and then go back to the throne room and empty them into the golden bowls before the altar of God! It is considered incense in Heaven and the aroma of our worship releases a sweet smell before the throne of God! At the end of this chapter, you will see an illustration of some courier angels collecting the worship on the National Day of Prayer in my city! Hundreds poured in and began 'swooping' down in front of the people to catch their words as they stood praying for our nation. It was a beautiful site and I was blessed that the Father allowed me to 'see' into the spirit realm and capture it for all to enjoy!

Many other types of angelic and created beings exist in Heaven; such as the Cherubim with eyes in their bodies and six wings. They stand at the four corners of the Throne (mentioned in Revelations 4) as they declare HOLY, HOLY, HOLY the room begins to shake from the power and authority in their words. Besides the four in the throne room, there are others that God sends over the earth to 'see' what is going on. They are the 'eyes that go to and fro in the earth' and are continually searching the hearts of men!

Many do not look anything like what we are used to seeing in the artwork produced on earth. There are some that have facets in their faces and have blue fire coming from their heads and these are able to compress themselves as thin as paper and pass over a congregation to release fire from Heaven. If you are ever in a service where one comes, you will be eternally changed by the passion he releases!

Some angels have a masculine appearance, but I have seen a few with a beautiful feminine look to them and these are protectors and caretakers of the waterfalls and brooks you will enjoy all over the heavenly realm. When they speak, you are captivated by the beauty of their words and the music that is carried by those words. Their appearance is that of a green mist with thousands of lights sparkling within. Our God is such an amazing creator and it makes touring Heaven one continuous adventure after another!

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