Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Revealing Heaven Volume II by Kat Kerr (Part 12.)


Fun From the Son: Surf Park and

Remember When Gallery

Yes, Heaven is fun and it is part of my commission to make that clear. Heaven is holy, but it is FUN too. You cannot get any more holy after you get there; there will be no classes on that subject. When you accepted Christ as your savior, his 'holy' blood sacrifice gave you entrance into Heaven and nothing else. We (being pure) will be 'like' Him when we see Him, in other words; we will be sanctified and righteous as we can possibly get. Even the Word says you must become like a LITTLE CHILD to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven and part of that is because they like to have fun. Believe me; if you are expecting it to be like a monastery you are mistaken. If we are to be like little kids the last thing the Father would do is make Heaven like a monastery because I know exactly what a 5 or 8 year old would do in such a place. They would be running through the hallways, laughing, singing and being very loud with their friends. That is why our (young hearted) Father in Heaven said, "You prayed to me as a family on earth, now we will play as a family in Heaven!" Wow, who would have ever guessed that Heaven actually cares whether you have fun places to go to? Well, I assure you that you will never be bored in that supernatural place! I will do my best to describe several of those places.

The Surf Park

Once I was caught up and shown this amazing place created near the base of a huge mountain; it was an enormous surf park called "Wipeout". The 75 foot waves were generated when the water coming off the top of this mountain (several hundred feet high) crashed down into the blue green lagoon and surged forward, racing toward the beach. This water is still part of the Crystal Sea, so you can imagine how exquisite the foam on the waves is! Every surfer or lover of the ocean will be so excited when they see that the Father did not forget them. Can you imagine getting to surf every wave every time? Of course that does not mean you become an expert after the first time because Heaven has a way of 'surprising' you that will challenge you to go beyond your normal limits!

There were other things to enjoy at this park and as usual, some were supernatural. Many types of whales and other animals were there that allowed us to interact like we never could on earth. You really experience the same friendship Adam had with the animals and creatures God placed in the Garden of Eden.

Remember When Gallery

This place will be enjoyed by everybody who ever lives in Heaven; as everyone's life has been recorded for their enjoyment when they arrive there. There will be no sin, no tragedy or sad events in those mini movies; only the fun filled, hilarious things we did while growing up. Also, any significant or rewarding moment in your life that was special to you. It is a wonderful thing to invite family members, friends and even new acquaintances to go to the Remember When Gallery and sit in your own private theater and view your life. You may think that nothing ever happened that would fit in any of those categories but the Father assures me, you just don't remember everything!

I personally will enjoy watching my mother's growing up years as I am certain she left out the unbelievable things. She was 'miss propriety' teaching us the 'proper' things to do and say and yet I heard from a reliable source that she and her brother actually ran through part of the sewer system in New York (not the city) in the 1940's ( of course it was the 'clean' part of the sewer). It should also make a good showing when I view my brother around age 11 (not RJ) jumping his bicycle over the canal (like Evil Knievel) at the end of our street and embedded it half way down in the wall; the firemen had to rescue him! Having 15 siblings could take some time sharing all the funny things they did, but don't worry, my Mother is writing a book about it! That should give you a good example of what I mean about everyone enjoying this place.

There are many other enjoyable places in Heaven, some of them I mention in Volume I such as the Amusement park, Hall of the Nations and of course, the Reality Theaters. Some people may have a problem embracing the fact that Heaven is fun, but if they end up there (and I pray they do) they will find out for themselves.

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