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Revealing Heaven Volume II by Kat Kerr (Part 11)


You win the bet

You get your Pets

Our God is so good to us and because He loves us (no other reason) He allows our pets to go to Heaven when they pass. To be sure I could share this with confidence; He has taken me to Heaven and shown me several individuals' pets waiting for them in Heaven, including my own dog! Below are those stories.


This wonderful story takes place in 2008, when Bradford, 8 years old at the time, found out what God had prepared for his pet goldfish, Chester, in order to care for him in Heaven until Bradford would eventually arrive himself! That particular day, I had stopped by the dance studio where my daughters both worked and took class. I had dropped something off, and got into a conversation about Heaven with one of the mothers (this was normal). This time it was with Paula and her son Bradford who was there too. We began to discuss about whether pets go to Heaven or not and Bradford got very excited when I said, "Yes, they certainly do, because you love them, God takes them"! Paula started to tell me about Bradford's goldfish, Chester, he had as a little boy and how when it died they gave him a farewell service. When she said, "You better tell him good-bye because you will never see him again", Bradford passionately responded, "No, Mama, I will see him again, in Heaven". She told him again that pets do not have souls so they do not go to Heaven! Well, Bradford would have none of that and he said, "I know God took my fish to Heaven". As they were talking amongst themselves, suddenly I was no longer aware of my surroundings and was taken again by the Spirit of God and shown Bradford's mansion that was still under construction in Heaven.

It looked like a castle with towers and everything, but still had many areas that were not completed. The back portion of his mansion was finished and so I was shown that portion. It blessed me to see that Chester (all cute and orange) was indeed there and God had created an aquarium waterway that went through Bradford's entire mansion, even up the sides of doorways and down the other side. In each room there was a 'bowl' that came out from the waterway, so that Chester could prop himself up on his fins and visit with Bradford. It then continued along every wall until it ended in the 'pool room' where there was a waterfall slide going into a swimming pool. I heard the Lord say, "Chester is excited, because when Bradford gets home, they will be able to swim together in the pool". Wow, I thought that was so cool and I was sure Bradford would love it too!

A few moments later I was back in the room but they were unaware I had ever left, until I told them what I saw. Bradford was so excited and his mom just stood there in shock and then she said. "That is exactly what Bradford had said to her before they arrived at the studio. He had insisted again that Bradford was in Heaven and then said, "Not only is he there, but when I get there, we will swim together in a pool"! How exciting that God showed me that to confirm to Bradford that he was right! It also confirms that if he cares about a simple goldfish named Chester, I know he cares about all of our precious pets. I hope you enjoy the sketch of Chester waiting in Bradford's mansion; where one day they will swim together! Praise God for His goodness!

Statement By Bradford, November 12, 2010

When Mrs. Kat told me that she had just seen my mansion in heaven; I was really excited! At that moment I wanted God to take me to see Chester, but I knew I had more to do here and I'm so glad God cares.

Statement by Paula Willis, November 12, 2010

When my son and I were talking with Kat at the dance studio that day, she started to share about pets being in heaven. I thought to myself that God had sent her to confirm this about Chester, Bradford's fish, that was very special to him. It was amazing to see that even though Chester was a small goldfish, he used to react every time Bradford would come to his fish bowl; sometimes my son even patted him. Bradford is an animal lover and a natural with any kind of animal.

When Kat was sharing her book with us, I told her about Chester, and how much that fish meant to Bradford. In the little ceremony we had in our back yard after he died, I tried to comfort my son. I looked at him and my heart couldn't believe the words that came out of his mouth with such powerful meaning. I will never forget that day when I said to him, "Bradford it is time to say goodbye to Chester as you will never see him again." He looked at me and said, "No Mama, I will see him again in heaven."

While we were sharing this story amongst my family, Kat stopped us and began to tell us that the Lord had just shown her Bradford's mansion in heaven and that Chester would be there waiting for him. He got so excited and started to jump up and down. It was an incredible moment as she shared how the wall had a 'waterway' that the fish could swim in and follow Bradford in every room. She also told him that not only would he be able to talk to Chester, but swim too; because the mansion had an indoor pool with a waterfall slide where they could swim together.

My daughter and I looked at each other and started telling Kat, earlier that day we were talking about heaven during our home schooling and Bradford had said how cool it would be if his mansion had a swimming pool and slide so that he could swim with Chester. In his mind he always believed that Chester would be there in heaven but after that day with Kat, he had absolute confirmation of this and also God's goodness to our lives. Bradford is now 11 years old and Chester is still part of his life. Every night he thanks God that Chester will be there waiting for him. Everyone that knows Bradford, knows how special Chester is to him. I am so grateful that God showed Kat about Chester living in Heaven, because if he is there, so are all pets!


This story is about a pet we bought for my father when he turned 60 and was living on a small farm. Her name was Sally and she was the cutest pig you ever saw. Pigs are considered one of the smartest mammals God created and Sally proved that many times over. She only weighed about 6 lbs at the time she was given; but by the time she departed for Heaven, she weighed a hefty 1,100 lbs. Now this pig was never going to be raised for someone's BBQ and I think she knew that. Her life was not too bad, her pen included a shower which she turned on and off as she pleased and a warm stall to lie in when it was cold. Every day my dad would go out and talk to her about the things of God and the pig really enjoyed those conversations. My dad just had to preach to somebody and Sally was a captive audience. The day Sally died, she pushed the heavy wall of her pen over, went around to the front of the house, laid under a tree and went to Heaven. My dad found her, got a backhoe and buried her on the back acreage of his farm. They had a short service to say good-by and even though my dad would miss his 'listening buddy', he knew she would be waiting for him in Heaven. That big pig had given my dad a lot of joy with her life. I know animals cannot be 'saved', but I do know that God takes your pets to Heaven because we love them.

One of the few times I was permitted to see my father in Heaven (he never knew I was present) was to show me where our pets were being cared for until our eventual arrival in Heaven. I saw my father walking across his ranch property and following behind him was Sally the pig (with two mice riding on her back). Behind her, was a continual line of pets I recognized from my youth including my brother Joey's duck, Max; my brother RJ's alligator, Charlie; my cat, Little Bit; my brother Ray's iguana, Iggie, and so many others, as well as ones who had recently arrived. Since I am one of fifteen, you can imagine how long that line was. My dad was very generous about us having them; and although we did not have many things the world would call valuable, we loved our pets. They would include many dogs, cats, birds, turtles, hamsters, snakes (including the one with a glass eye); but also pigs, owls, alligators, mice, iguanas, ducks, pigeons, a bat, and many frogs, toads, and assorted big bugs! We even came up with a plan that would have worked to bring world peace; we figured since we were able to get the cats and pigeons to eat out of the same dish without eating each other, it had to work on humans! Any of us could have presided over a funeral as we had lots of practice burying the pets. We loved them all and made sure they had a proper send-off to Heaven.

Just know that God has made sure you will have the pets you loved in eternity. It also happens to be one of the most frequently asked questions I receive, Do your pets go to Heaven? The answer is yes!


Just because I am the author and I loved her, I want to share the story of Molly, my own yorkie who shared our lives for sixteen years. She was so cute when she came into our lives and made us laugh when she would actually smile at people. This was one smart dog and we knew somehow, she could tell time. Every day at 11:00 am she would go and wait under the mail slot at the front door. That was when the mailman would come and she was ready for action. When the mail was put through the slot, she would snatch it up and run all over the house with it. We were thankful that somehow she only shredded the junk mail and not the other which was important. Life went on and all of us loved her dearly and we were grateful she let us live in 'her' house with her. As the years went by, Molly started to age and actually died several times, but I prayed and brought her back. It did teach me an important lesson, when it is time to let them go, we should not try to keep them here. The last time she almost died, I should have let her go, but I called her back and this caused her to have no quality of life; she could not see or hear very well. I had to go to Prayer Mountain late in May and had a call from my Mom saying that she believed Molly would not last until I returned. This time I only asked the Father to keep her until I could return home to tell her I loved her and say goodbye. God was faithful and when I walked in at 2:00 am she was still here. I bent over picked her up and after holding her for several hours and telling her how blessed her little life had made me and that I was sorry I had kept her beyond her allotted time; I released her to Heaven. About an hour later she was carried to Heaven by my guardian angel (they always carry your pets to Heaven) and taken to my father's ranch to await my home going!

Now I know some of you think all of this is silly, but I promise, it is blessing many pet lovers. About two hours after her passing, the father decided to give me a gift by allowing me to see Molly in Heaven. I saw her racing down the streets of gold with several pieces of mail in her mouth and I knew Heaven did not have a mail system. Then he let me see what she was chasing: in front of Molly was a huge angel dressed in a postman's uniform and every now and then he would drop letters from his pouch. I was laughing at the strange site and then was shown there was another hundred or so dogs, chasing the same angel! How precious that he even cared about the very thing that Molly enjoyed doing. Don't be concerned about your pets in heaven; I am certain they have as good a time as everyone else that lives there!

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  1. why is it that you get to go to heaven to see folks and Jesus and some can't. I want to go visit with Jesus. Must I wait till my last breath to see and walk in heaven?

  2. Hi Christopher, what a beautiful blog. I follow you on YouTube as well. Actually, you are on my prayer list, that you will receive strength and blessings to keep going as the playlist on youtube has greatly, greatly encouraged my faith. I know there are those that say they are of the household of faith but that have come against you with their comments and dislikes. May it only strengthen you knowing that Jesus said, woe if all speak highly of you. May God increase your ministry and may you be richly rewarded. God bless you.


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