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Revealing Heaven By Volume II By Kat Kerr. (Part 4.)


The Ways of Heaven

This book will take you on a journey that will surpass anything you have ever experienced, so make sure you read it with no distractions. It captivates and catches you up to that supernatural place called HEAVEN and as you read, the very presence of that Holy place begins to invade your being! The wonders and majesty along with the fullness of love that you will discover within these pages will change you FOREVER! Get ready to know what our Lord has prepared for those who go home to Him; and what He is about to do with those who are still living in this day and hour! Heaven has begun to invade our lives on earth and will continue to do so at an accelerated rate!

When someone who has accepted Christ dies, their spirit leaves its body, a transport to Heaven will be waiting with their guardian angel(s) and sometimes the Lord himself will be there. After an amazing journey beyond the planets, solar systems and places yet undiscovered by human eyes, you will approach Heaven. It will be the most brilliant, glorious place which causes all other beauty to fade from memory. When you first arrive, Angels will be everywhere and the splendor of it all will stun you to the point that you think you are walking in a dream. You pass by a flower bed (some of them possibly suspended in air) and they begin to sing to you as they change into colors that do not exist on earth. The atmosphere is so PURE and joy floods your being as you realize it is real. Jesus comes (you will gaze at him for some time) and after filling you with His love, will escort you to the Throne Room and up the steps until you stand before the Father. Engulfed in His arms, you will know that you are finally HOME and that you never want to be without Him again. Everywhere you go in Heaven you are accepted and loved; even if someone, while on earth, may have been your enemy at one time.

Your mansion has been wonderfully and perfectly made to your exact desire; even the decor inside has been considered. This will include supernatural things as part of your home, such as a waterfall cascading inside or flowers growing right out of the walls. They will also prepare the property your mansion sits upon and if there is something you always desired to do on earth but were never able to, I am certain that it has been incorporated into your dwelling.

For example, if you always wanted a horse, you would not just have one, but a huge stable of them. However, they will never be a burden to care for, they will cost nothing to feed, never get dirty, never be ill tempered nor sick; just a pleasure to own. It will be their greatest desire to please you and all your friends who will come to ride with you! There is a strong possibility you may have some that fly too.

One of the most significant differences is that everyone living in Heaven shares their gifts and talents with one another, without cost to anyone! That means that if you were an artist on earth, your mansion would include a fully furnished studio (with unlimited supplies) to produce art and a gallery to show your work. People come to your gallery to view the masterpieces you create and you 'give' them away. You paid nothing to produce them, so you charge nothing in return. You will never have to pay for anything you recieve in Heaven and actually they do not even use money! Everything is FREE!

When you go to Heaven, one of the most enjoyable things you do is go 'shopping' for gifts then put them in the mansions of those who are yet to depart from earth. Upon the arrival of friends and family from earth, and after their greeting in the Throne Room by the Father, you will have an amazing 'welcome home' celebration for them in their mansion.

One thing everyone is interested in is if you eat in Heaven and the answer is YES. Not because you have to, but we love to eat. The good news is there will be no weight gain or food allergies so everyone will enjoy eating in Heaven! The food does not come from animals that must be killed, but it is made from light (like many things in Heaven), however food tastes and smells so much better up there; steak, pizza, chicken, fruits, vegetable dishes and of course the DESSERTS! Whatever it is that you like to eat is so good, it almost 'calls' to you! The cinnamon rolls are the size of dinner plates and the pizzas are the size of the tables they are served on! People have gifts as chefs, so there are many restaurants to visit and enjoy with family and friends.

God has caught me up hundreds of times to Heaven and I am always awestruck by the beauty and life that exists there. There are manywonderful things apparent to your eyes, but there is still an unseen realm within that realm. It has to do with the fact that in Heaven there is not only no 'time' as we know it, but there is also no 'space' either. What I mean is, that on earth

(a physical realm) it is only possible to have one thing taking up a fixed amount of space, however in Heaven (which is a spirit realm) it is possible for more than one thing to exist in the same space. It is very hard to explain if you have not experienced being there. For example you could be walking through Heaven and come upon a family enjoying a picnic in a beautiful setting and right next to them is a door that is suspended with no apparent building attached to it and yet, if you enter through the door, you will be in a totally different area or place in Heaven. How amazing is that!

God has so many fantastic things to see and do in Heaven, but something everyone enjoys is the Portal. This was created so everyone living in Heaven could go there and see and hear their family members on earth. It states in Hebrews 12:1 that there is a great cloud of witnesses that have passed on before us, that would be those who have departed this earth upon dying and now live in Heaven. They can go to the Portal whenever they wish and will usually lean over the balcony and begin declaring God's will over our life. There is an amazing city area in Heaven and I have included an illustration of a street scene there. I was taken to this particular street to see a movie production studio, a gemologist who was a jeweler in Heaven and to view people using the Transport Kiosk to 'instantly' travel to another part of Heaven. The movie studio was built at the end of someone's beautiful mansion and the name suspended on top of that building was LPP (Little Papa Productions). The other business I passed was a jeweler from Israel and his building was in the shape of a huge gemstone. As you approached, a facet would lower itself down and allow people to enter into the showroom. In this shop, you can select from the jewelry already created or you may custom order some for friends or family. Further down that street are places to get perfumes and oils or fabrics so dazzling they could only be created in Heaven. This beautiful street in Heaven was bordered by the Crystal Sea, where I watched brilliant light rays shoot forth from it. I have told many people about the Crystal Sea and that it looks like a million diamonds were dropped into it.

It is an honor to share this revelation of Heaven and even though I did not die to go there, I must 'die to myself' every day to reveal His mysteries! God will entrust His secrets to His friends, those who have surrendered everything and those who are willing to live a holy life.

You can not be afraid of the face of man if you are to boldly proclaim what God has said or what He has shown you! In these last days, God will be catching more people up so they can testify about the divine place called Heaven. Just be certain you belong to Christ because when you die; whomever owns you, comes for you!

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