Monday, September 20, 2010

Introductory post For Christian Unity Movement

Okay so first things first I am NOT a priest nor am I any other sort of pastor, deacon or any one with any other position in ANY Christian denomination which is to say that I am just an average individual whom feels that it is necessary to try to do something to help to restore unity among ALL Christians. Of course there are ALREADY websites and forums which have prayers for unity among Christians and one of them which I recently found is . As of right now I have NOT found anything wrong with ANY of what they have posted, basically it gets 5 stars as a rating of the content on it much like the website entitled because those websites have NOT made ANY claims against ANY Christian denominations nor have they established conditions to being united with them. By the way the ONLY reason why I am starting this is because I strongly believe that it is WAY PAST time for the WHOLE CHURCH to RE-UNIFY. I am already aware that this will NOT be EASY however I feel that I must help to bring about a restoration of unity within the Church because Christians have been divided for WAY TOO LONG.

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