Saturday, September 4, 2010

Disclaimer regarding Most Holy Family Monastery.

The group that call themselves Most Holy Family Monasatery are actually ANTI-CATHOLIC and they claim that the current pope Benedict 16 is actually a heretic and an anti-pope which he is NOT, these people also make claims against Martin Luther and ALL other protestants claiming that they are heretics which they are NOT. There are also other FALSE claims on there websites which are , , & to name a few websites which have content from those two sedevaticantists. Basically they claim to defend the catholic church while they make claims against its current Pope and other leaders. That having been said I still find it possible to use a few of there videos however I apologise ahead of time if I ever end up posting anything which would suggest that only Catholics are Saved because the Bible makes it very clear that Christians from ALL denominations ARE Saved.


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  2. I don't know if 100% of ALL Christian denominations are saved although w/GOD anything is possible. Certainly if one commits error without intentionality I think we would be wise to let God be the judge. Fortunately, mercifuly the Church has moved toward a more, if I may say for lack of a better word, lenient/tolerant/broader/more inclusive approach that for the incorporation of more people that may find a greater unity via a commom thread that binds as it traverses thru the many diverse customs, traditions, cultures without seeking to cut off any but to invite all to to partake at the same table in a spirit of amicability & even holioness regardless from whence they come. The Dimond bros (and since they are not Catholic I don't know what they are bros. of other than B/S)on the other hand would have the Church regress to an era of the inquisitions far more terrible than it ever was, wherein absolutely no one would be safe from accusatory finger of fate except for the Dimond bros. While clothing themselves in the most pious rverent holiness they have called the R Cath. Church "the whore of Babylon" The Church which has been the mother of so many great saints. And the Papacy as the seat of the Ant-Christ. What is the spirit that guides them: ignorance, pride, malice, arrogant self-righteousness, uncharitableness, the Anti-Christ. And the Ant-Christ will not ben his knee to anyone. No Pope, no Bishop, no Priest. But all must bend their knee to the Anti-Christ. But even the Anti-Christ must bend to God. Can you imagine? If they can tell the Pope to go to Hell, Imagine whet they can tell you. They have to be the boss over you and everybody and non one can tell them no because they know EVERYTHING. Jusrt like LUCIFER.


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