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Big Angels And Flaming Wild Horses Summary.

     When Victoria Nasworthy was taken to visit Heaven in 2003 she was shining like a lightbulb on the way up there. The angels sang to her in a different language and yet Victoria could understand them.  The angels could communicate with each other and Victoria without talking.  As the angels were taking Victoria through the second heaven demons started attempting to attack Victoria, however beautiful Heavenly horses flew to her rescue. The angels put Victoria on one of the horses as they started to fight the demons. Then warrior angels came to help defeat the demons.   The warrior angels kept the demons away from Victoria as they sped on up past the second heaven.  As Victoria and her horses approached the golden stairs the 6 big angels swooped back in and took her in their hands and carried Victoria up the stairs.  As they traveled up the stairs they were joined by a little girl angel who started to tickle Victoria and they both laughed a lot.  The 6 big angels stood Victoria up on her feet as they landed in front of a beautiful golden gate (The Pearly Gates are the gates of New Jerusalem and NOT the gates for the entire country called Heaven.)  The little angel girl came and put her arm around Victoria who was swaying with a little dizziness after being taken to visit Heaven.  Then the little girl angel ran over and tickled the gate with her feather and the gate made a noise that sounded like laughing and swung open.

      Then the little angel girl looked at Victoria, the 6 big angels, the horses, and the little angel girl laughed while the gate still made a sound like laughing.  Victoria stepped inside the gate and thought she was standing on a green rug because it was so perfect (soft and perfectly trimmed, watered, etc.). When she looked closer she was surprised to see lovely living green grass under her feet.  When Victoria lifted her feet the grass sprang back up and seemed to be telling her "hello".  Victoria was a little bit embarrassed because she had never talked to grass before so she leaned over and whispered, "Hello grass".  When Victoria took another step she realized she was still walking on the grass and she quickly lifted her foot and the grass sprang back up, laughing.  Victoria quickly stepped on a walkway.  She thought it was made of concrete but it was made of gold, gold concrete.

    Victoria took a few steps on the golden pathway and saw lots of flowers of various sizes and colors on both sides of the path.  Victoria smelled the flowers and they all smelled good, she even took a berry off of one of them then she ate it and it tasted very good.  Victoria even saw that some of the flowers in Heaven have faces and they gave her some berries to eat and then they sang a song to her.  Then the flowers sang a different song to Victoria and she rolled over on them as they tickled her with their leafy 'hands' and they made her smell very good just like them. Then an angel lady came walking down the golden path and asked Victoria her name, would she like to see Jesus, and would she like to play with a few babies and Victoria said yes to all three questions.

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Summary Of Victoria Hana-Rene Nasworthy's visits to Heaven as described in 6 Big Big Big Angels and Big Angels and Flaming Wild Horses (Pt.6)

Victoria Nasworthy also saw a few of her deceased relatives in Heaven and her family was surprised that her uncle Harry made it to Heaven.  Victoria also said that everyone in Heaven (during that visit) was wearing a crown.  By the way Victoria basically said that no one is old in Heaven ( meaning that when someone dies and goes to Heaven they are NOT burdened by old age anymore).  The second time that Victoria Nasworthy visited Heaven she was going for a swim in a pool here on Earth and she vanished for a few minutes.  During that visit to Heaven Victoria went exploring around some of the boys rooms in Heaven and she met a teenage boy after she had heard some beautiful music that he was playing.  Victoria then helped the teenage boy to fix a "very old" instrument that got broken way back when Lucifer rebelled against God and eventually became Satan.  Then Victoria and Jesus (who was with the teenage boy when Victoria fixed the instrument) went outside.  She and the babies joined the eight girls and eight boys and danced in a circle and sang praise to King Jesus.   After dancing with the children and the babies, Victoria left the baby place and the children's area with Jesus.  He took her to see a very special table and an unusual being on the way to see God.  Sandi was able to catch her on tape one night as she said "There was a big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big table...  a big table with lots of food... and a BIG cake!"  Sandi asked her what the BIG cake looked like. Basically Victoria said that it was a very big wedding cake with the traditional white frosting and the decoration which depicts the bride and groom etc. the author of this story and her family believe that the table has been set for the Marriage Supper Of The Lamb. Revelation 19:9  ( Then He said to me, "Write: Blessed are those called to the Marriage Supper Of The Lamb.")  Victoria also stated that there is a lot of food in Heaven. (As in a variety of different foods as well as simply a lot of food.) Just before entering the Throne Room in Heaven Jesus gave Victoria a Heavenly robe that was a bright shiny pink and He (Jesus) offered Victoria a crown however if Victoria would have put on the crown she could not have come back to Earth.  When Victoria saw God's throne it looked exactly like St. John the Apostle described in the book of Revelation.  Victoria even commented that Jesus does not look like most pictures portray Him.

(Eventually Victoria was even shown Hell however I would rather NOT describe THAT place at this time.)  Victoria Nasworthy and her family also had numerous encounters with angels and other supernatural experiences that are covered in the books 6 Big Big  Big Angels and Angels and Flaming Wild Horses and yet I will not describe on this blog, or at least not yet.  

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Summary Of Victoria Hana-Rene Nasworthy's visits to Heaven as described in 6 Big Big Big Angels and Big Angels and Flaming Wild Horses (Pt. 5)

When Victoria Nasworthy was about 6 and a half years old Mary Jo Pennington asked her about these babies.  She explained a little more clearly what she meant.  She said these tiny babies are all in a huge room and they are on long soft tables side by side.  The babies are placed on these soft tables when they first arrive.  They have no clothes on yet because they are brand new. Mary Jo Pennington said. " Victoria, don't the babies even have a little blanket under them or around them?"  Victoria explained' "It is not cold in Heaven."  She said Jesus and the angels work on the babies because they are in bad shape when they first get there.  She turned looked me in the eyes and said " There's no sickness or pain in Heaven. Jesus have to fix (heal) them." After they are "fixed" (healed) they are placed in little tiny beds, side be side on the soft tables.  Mary Jo Pennington believed that the little babies go to the beautiful rooms soon after they are placed in their little beds.

(Note By Blogger:  From this point I will only list the things that Victoria experienced in Heaven and what she told her family about in somewhat more general terms so that I can complete going through these books so if you want to get the whole story you will have to buy the books 6 Big Big Big Angels and Big Angels and Flaming Wild Horses by Mary Jo Pennington.)  Victoria Nasworthy told her family the names of the eight girls she met in Heaven, where they were from, and how they died. She also did likewise regarding the eight boys.  Victoria had also given some of them names just like what she did for the babies who did not have names.  Victoria said that they have televisions and computers in Heaven however the images on the screens of those devices "come out" and are "real". Victoria could see what happened to each of the children she met in Heaven.  Victoria saw "lots and lots" of babies in Heaven.  Victoria saw those children at the time of their death as though she was there.  That miracle of Heaven is something that defies understanding in that Victoria saw so much and yet remained so innocent.  When Victoria saw some of them die she was there and it was as though she witnessed it happening.  Victoria saw these things on earth yet she was in a "different kind of world".  Victoria saw those deaths as a lesson in responsibility and that God is holding the people who murder children through any methods accountable for their actions that they must answer for one day.

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